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Columbaria may be individual, grouped into a columbarium, or built into a memorial garden. Planning for future growth is important. Cremation is a trending alternative to in ground burial.

Columbaria - 2 Niche
Columbaria – 2 Niche


Columbaria with Meditation Bench & Planters - 66 Niche
Columbaria with Meditation Bench & Planters- 66 Niche
(4 Urn Niches on Ends)
Columbaria Park
Columbaria Park
Columbaria with Angel - 60 Niche
Columbaria with Angel – 60 Niche
Columbaria Plaza
Eagle Columbaria
Eagle Columbaria
Praying Hands Columbaria
Suburban Columbaria
Suburban Columbaria
Columbaria Meditation Garden


Charles Kuralt, a CBS award winning journalist, successfully sought to have his final resting place to be on the campus of UNC, his Alma Mata. Since 1997, there has been a growing desire for alumni & faculty to have their final resting place to be the campus where they matriculated or taught. Even if the Memorial Garden is not on the campus itself, there is a trend for schools to offer a respectable place of solitude for them. Chapels and memorial gardens are the solution. Memorial gardens with columbaria are that place.

Columbaria Gardens are also a means for the school to finance and perpetuate the endowment of the cremation garden.

We will work with the facility to design a Cremation Garden that meets the needs. We will help determine the number of niches needed and help pick out a site that will accommodate the columbaria garden.


  • Cremation Benches
  • Cremation Pedestals
  • Cremation Post Bevels
  • Private Estate Columbaria
  • Monument Upright Columbaria
  • In Ground Urn Burial Columbaria
  • Community Columbarium
  • Cremation Bronze Memorials
  • Cremation Gardens
  • Pet Cremation Columbaria
  • Cremation Niches
  • Legacy Estates™ Mausoleum (Cremation urns and caskets)